“Jesus is at the heart of everything we think, do and say”.
Our school mission statement underpins our core values here at St. Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School. We take great pride in living out these Gospel values on a day-to-day basis.

Religious Education (RE) is taught discreetly and in a developmental way. It explores key theological ideas and their application to life. Children are given ample opportunities to deepen their understanding of religious truths and think creatively. A key question in each topic, per half-term, allows the children to engage in difficult topics of meaning and purpose, enabling them to think critically about their own questions. 

As part of a Catholic school, we promote a feeling and atmosphere of inclusion and self-worth. We encourage a strong community spirit, between homes, the parish and school. The Wednesday Word, distributed each Wednesday, allows opportunity for families to share the Gospel reading together.  

At St. Thomas’, we come together in class and as a whole school for collective worship, assembly and times of prayer. Collective worship involves the children leading a time of worship with their peers. They gather everyone together using an action, a word, a symbol or a few moments of quiet reflection. We read the Word of the Lord and respond to what we have listened to. We then decide to work on a mission that helps us to live as Jesus asks us to – smile at a friend, ask someone to play, forgive someone.

Collective worship contributes to the education of the pupils and facilitates spiritual growth and respect of each other’s religious beliefs and practices. This may be done by evoking the sense of beauty, awe, wonder or feelings of pride, pity, sharing or by exploring the spirituality of life and experience. It develops empathy and promotes skills of evaluating, reflecting and respecting the opinion of others.

We are lucky to be situated in such close proximity to the church. We work closely with the parish priests and church community. The children have opportunities to attend mass with their class, with the whole school on Holy Days of Obligation and other key moments in the liturgical year. Each class in the school is given a liturgy to lead and celebrate throughout the year. Parents/Carers are welcome to attend a liturgy where their child is involved.