Creative Curriculum

At St. Thomas’, we believe that children learn better when they are able to make connections and apply their learning across different scenarios. The Cornerstones Creative Curriculum provides an exciting and fully immersive topic based learning experience. The programmes of studies for all the foundation subjects and science are taught using cross curricular ‘themes’ which prove to enthuse the children, particularly through the memorable experiences they have at the beginning of each topic.

The topics are also linked to the text taught in English wherever possible. Each class will study a different topic every half term and whilst they all cover a range of subjects, they each have a focus subject such as science, history or geography. These ensure we have a broad and balanced curriculum which provides children with learning opportunities that are rich and deep.

We have personalised this scheme to suit the needs of our learners through analysing the coverage of all subjects and through choosing units that our learners have fed back positively on.

We have further enriched these experiences by organising trips which engage our children’s interest and hook them into their learning.


Year 3 visit Fulham Palace

On Friday 7 February, Year 3 went to Fulham Palace as part of their Stone Age topic. The children travelled back in time and foraged, created housing, animal traps and artwork just as people in the Stone Age would have. The children also looked at artefacts from this time including flint axes, deer skin and antlers. What an adventure!


Year 1 visit Natural History Museum

On Wednesday 5 February, Badgers went to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs. They attended the stegosaurus workshop where they had to put together a 3D jigsaw puzzle of a stegosaurus and learnt lots about its body shape, including how its brain was the size of a lime! The children saw fossils and skeletons of different dinosaurs and met Sophie, the only complete skeleton the museum has of a stegosaurus. They also learnt what palaeontologists do and how and what they do when they discover a skeleton or a fossil. Badgers loved their trip and enjoyed learning all about dinosaurs.


Year 2 visit Fulham Fire Station

On Monday 27 January, Hares went to Fulham Fire Station as part of their topic ‘Street Detectives’. The children have been discussing the different jobs that people do in the local community and what they need in order to live. They learnt that firefighters keep us safe and are incredibly brave. Year 2 are very grateful to the station for giving up their valuable time and despite the weather, everyone had a great time!


Year 4 at Roald Dahl Museum

On Tuesday 21 January, Deer Class were very lucky to go to the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire. Here they learnt how the author grew up and the inspiration behind his stories.  They also attended the ‘Undercover Editors’ workshop and had a go at editing some of Roald Dahl’s original writing. The children created new words in his style and shared their ideas. They had a great time! Many thanks to the PTFA for partly funding this trip.


Police visit Year 2

On Thursday 16 January, Hares were visited by local police officers as part of their ‘Street Detectives’ topic. The children learnt that, as well as keeping our streets safe, the police do many other jobs in the local community such as visiting lonely people, schools and being at big events like the Notting Hill Carnival. They can also work with animals, helicopters or as detectives. Hares asked many insightful questions to learn more about the police officers e.g. what skills you need to be a good police officer, where do you train and how long it takes to become an officer. The children enjoyed learning about the role the police play in the community. A big thank you to the police officers for coming in to visit Hares class.



Year 5 at the British Museum

As part of their class topic 'Pharaohs', Year 5 went to the British Museum. They saw mummies, tombs and lots of items found inside a tomb. They did an archaeological dig and placed items found on a timeline. They loved it!


Year 1 at Vauxhall Farm

As part of Year 1's class topic 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers', they visited Vauxhall farm to learn more about animals: their diet, their teeth, their bodies and how they are equipped for different temperatures. At the farm they saw sheep, goats, guinea pigs, polish chickens, turkeys, a horse, a rat and a rabbit. They enjoyed feeding the goats and sheep as well as stroking the chicken, the rabbit (named Popcorn) and the guinea pig.


Bumblebees library trip

On Wednesday 16 October, Bumblebees went to Fulham library to visit the children’s section with its huge and varied selection of books. They listened to three stories and can’t wait to go back for more!


Year 2 at the Tower of London

On Friday 11 October, Year 2 went to the Tower of London as part of their topic, ‘Towers, tunnels and turrets’.  Over the last couple of weeks they have been learning about how castles have changed over time, their purpose and the key parts. They have even designed their own dream castles. While at the tower they saw the crown jewels, chatted to a beef eater and sketched the great tower all while trying to dodge the rain!


Year 3 North End Road Market

Year 3 went to the Market on the 9 October as part of their ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’ topic. As groups they planned what they were going to buy and then were responsible for buying the fruit and getting the right change. On Friday they used their ingredients to make delicious smoothies following their recipe. Yum yum! 


Fire Fighters visit Reception and Year 1

On Tuesday 8 October, Reception class and Year 1 had a visit from the London Fire Brigade. The children learnt about the importance of fire alarms and what to do in case of a fire at home. They also learnt about the equipment that firefighters use to protect themselves (gloves, fireproof coats and masks). The children were then allowed to use the hose and go into the truck. They absolutely loved it!


Police visit Reception and Year 1

On Thursday 3 October, Reception class and Year 1 were very lucky to have not two but four police officers visit them! They learnt about staying safe on the road, calling 999, what to do if they got lost and the importance of knowing their address and parents names. They also tried on the police hats and had a good look at the walkie talkies, handcuffs and the pepper spray. A huge thank you to the police officers for coming in and talking to the children and maybe inspiring some of them to become officers of the law themselves one day!


Year 5 at Science Museum

On Friday 13 September Year 5 went to the Science Museum as part of their topic ’Stargazers’.  Rocio, Ruhama and Tallulah explained how they visited the space room where they learnt about astronauts in space and how they eat, sleep, wash etc.
They also watched a 3D film in the IMAX cinema where they travelled into space with astronauts living and working on board the International Space. Station. They gained an understanding of how unique and wonderful our planet is and got to see it from a different perspective.
Finally the children had hands on experience putting on gloves to try and replicate doing activities in space. Sounds like Year 5 had a cosmic time!