Art and Design

Art and Design in St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School.

Children are taught Art and Design in St Thomas’ in a dedicated art room with an art specialist.  Art enables children to think divergently and creatively, to respond to their experience of the world around them and express themselves visually.   Working with a wide range of materials from charcoal to clay, children are encouraged to collect, explore and experiment with increasing independence.   All children are given sketchbooks in which to develop their artistic thinking. They make decisions, discus ideas, solve problems, work with creative originality and look after their art materials and environment.

Art skills are taught within the context of different subject areas enriching children’s opportunities to study other subjects in a creative way. We are inspired by artists and designers from different cultures and times. Projects are designed to allow children to work collaboratively and at different scales. Our aim is to build our children’s confidence in as many different art processes and techniques as possible exploring the elements of art; line, shape, tone, space, texture, colour.  There is a great deal of research to say that learning through the arts helps children with other academic subjects. 

We encourage children to appreciate art and the children enjoy visits to galleries and museums to extend their cultural learning. Artists are invited into school for special workshops.  We have also held extended projects with the Courthauld Gallery and The London Oratory School for our more able pupils and workshops for parents.  We celebrate the children’s artistic achievement holding regular exhibitions in school.  In addition our pupils take part in national and international competitions and art initiatives, including The National Gallery’s Take One Picture and The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Global Canvas exhibition.