Diocesan Links

St Thomas’ Catholic Primary School is in the Diocese of Westminster.

We take part in many Diocese events during the year, such as the Good Shepherd Mass at the Cathedral, the Westminster Chorister Outreach programme and other special events, particular to the year. Our staff take part in many of the CPD opportunities within the diocese for training and we support our staff in funding the programme for the Catholic Certificate of Religious Education (CCRS).

We also work closely with our other Catholic Schools in our Deanery. The Headteachers’ and deputy Heads from the Deanery schools, meet twice termly to plan and discuss joint issues. We share INSET together at least once a year with all our staff and together as a group of schools, we provide training for our Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). We regularly moderate samples of work across the schools as well as sharing good practice with one another.

The Diocesan Education Commission is chaired by Bishop John Sherrington and is appointed by the Archbishop as a decision-making body which acts in his name.

It is responsible to him in all areas relating to education in schools and colleges set out in canon law and English law. It is responsible to the Diocesan Trustees for the financial aspects of providing and maintaining Catholic education in the Diocese.

Through its Chairman, the Education Commission liaises with the Archbishop and his Auxiliary Bishops and the Diocesan Trustees. It liaises with schools and colleges mainly through the Director of Education and the staff of the Education Service.

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