School Policies


Young children are less likely to learn effectively and go on to lead positive and independent lives if they are not kept healthy and safe. At St Thomas’ school we are fully committed to providing an environment which is safe and where the welfare of each child is of paramount importance. This includes a commitment to ensuring that all children feel confident that any concerns that they may have will be listened to and acted upon.  All members of the school community are aware of their responsibilities and procedures in this area and attend appropriate training where needed and also work effectively with other professionals where necessary.

The school curriculum is also important in promoting the health and safety of children. The RE, PE, Science and PSHE curriculum, together with ‘Circle Time’ activities, develops children’s knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, self esteem, and communication skills, informs children about different risks, develops strategies for self protection and develops an understanding of the expectations of behaviour in and out of school. Visits out and visitors into school also enrich the curriculum. All parents sign up to the ‘Home School Agreement’ when they start school.