We are very lucky at St Thomas' to work with a number of exciting partners across the borough and beyond. 


Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust

We are delighted to this year (2022) to have formed a brand new partnership with the Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust. SJSCAT is currently made up of St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Cadogan Street), and Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. We were delighted to be joined at school recently by Paul Stubbings, Headmaster of CVMS and CEO of the Trust, who took attendees through some of the benefits of this new partnership. These include the sharing of resources, expertise, and staff, to enhance what each school already has; for example, CVMS staff will be working closely with St Thomas' to improve our provision across a number of subjects, particularly Computing, STEM, and Modern Foreign Languages. We are also pleased to announce that St Thomas SENCO Mrs Fagan will be working closely with CVMS two days a week to enhance their SEN offering. Beyond this, the partnership aims to develop the transition process between Year 6 and 7, ensuring that our pupils feel appropriately prepared for the challenges of secondary school, as well as enabling Year 7 leaders to understand any challenges that their new intake may be facing. 

Most excitingly, Mr Stubbings also announced that St Thomas' will now be a feeder school for CVMS, meaning that 10% of the places available for September 2023 would be available to boys from St Thomas'. In Mr Stubbing's own words - 'we want to work with the best primary schools; that's why we've formed this partnership with St Thomas of Canterbury'. You can find out more information about SJSCAT here